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When it comes to getting around the city, there are few better ways to do it than with the rickshaws in London. London Rickshaws fleet of elegant vehicles are adept at weaving through the busy streets in style, providing an excellent experience for those within. Freed from the tightly packed crush of public transport, our clients are free to see the sights and sounds of the city in comfort, making us the ideal solution for hire and events.

As one of the longest-running rickshaw providers in London, London Rickshaws known for our fantastic service and incredible reliability. Formed in 2003, the company was built on a truly visionary goal: to provide a better transport option for the people of London. As innovators of this sustainable service, we’ve been leading the industry to a bright future for quite some time now.

Eco Friendly London Transport

Powered only by the efforts of a dedicated and experienced Rider Team, our transport is 100% pollution free, producing absolutely no CO2. This is both great for the environment and great for your company’s image. Being green has never been more important, and brands making a decisive effort to utilise eco friendly solutions often generate a lot of good will from their clients.

We wanted to give customers throughout London an alternative, so A London rickshaw or London Rickshaw launched a range of eco-friendly Rickshaws. Our riders travel through the heart of the city day and night, where your advertising will be seen by thousands of potential customers in some of the city’s busiest areas. Unlike a stationary billboard, your ad is constantly moving so it’s visible to an incredibly high and diverse client base.With over a decade of success and an enviable portfolio of clients,we couldn’t be happier with what we’ve achieved.

Hire London Rickshaws

Give us a ring and we can discuss the details of your particular advertising needs. We design a bespoke package for each and every customer, so the best way for you to inquire about our services is to speak to us and give us some basic information. After that, our team will analyse your situation and get back to you with a detailed proposal about how to best make use of our London Rickshaws packages.

In the past we have provided bespoke Rickshaw advertising campaigns for Oxfam, Nokia, Air Asia and Pizza Hut, as well as participating in a number of processions, council and community group events. Each of them suitably impressed by the promises of green media. Make your company the next successful business to work with London Rickshaws; changing the face of outdoor advertising, one Rickshaw at a time.

Some Clients – We Work With


Our fleet of 40 modern London Rickshaws provide an ideal advertising and marketing tool for brand promotion. The comprehensive events packages we offer allow for perfect brand interaction with specific target audiences, tailored to locations across London and the UK. As a proven method of alternative advertising, our pedicab services have been successful in promoting everything from international makeup chains to luxury alcoholic beverages. It’s all thanks to the bespoke nature of our methods: we’re always happy to cater our services to suit your every need and maximise your exposure.

Promoting your brand and getting your company’s name into the mainstream can be incredibly difficult. Many of those that come to us find that they’ve exhausted all the usual options and now they need something innovative and different. Our environmentally-friendly London Rickshaws often prove to be the perfect solution, providing a way for companies to reach a much wider pool of potential clients than they would through traditional promotion.

There are plenty of customers who come to us not on a business venture but on a sightseeing one. They want to hire Rickshaws in London in order to see the sites and get a different view of the city. Thanks to the fantastic design of our vehicles, that’s exactly what they got: a thoroughly unique perspective of a city that is famed for its many wonders. Pedicab hire is a great alternative to the stuffiness of public transport and we provide the very best service for rickshaw hire.

Simply put, our fleet of London rickshaws s are an elegant solution to the pollution and crowded nature of the capital’s transport.

They’re based on traditional Rickshaws designs from the Far East, where such transport has been popular for centuries. They consist of a very secure metal frame with a set of comfortable seats attached, covered by a canopy. The canopy is clear at the front to allow our customers a perfect view of their surroundings. The rear of the canopy is home to our latest promotional material.

What’s the Difference Between a Pedicab and a Rickshaw?

A lot of effort! A pedicab is a specific type of rickshaw, one that is powered entirely through a specially designed bicycle attached to the front. This gives the driver much greater control of the vehicle, as well as allowing it to travel at the speeds necessary for a busy capital city. By using manpower to generate all of their momentum pedicab rickshaws are the ideal green London transport: contributing no fumes whatsoever to our fair city’s atmosphere.

How Does it Work?

At the most basic level, it consists of an advertisement placed on the back of one of our vehicles. You pay for the space on the back of one of our canopies, and it helps to generate exposure for your brand. A mistake that many make is thinking that you need to hire London rickshaws in order to utilise our services but essentially all you need to do is pay for the advertising space.
When a bit of London rickshaw  whizzes by, people take notice: it’s not every day that they see an elegant little vehicle like this. As they watch it drive off, their attention is caught by the distinctive advertisement on the back and just like that, you’ve got yourself on the radar. It takes care of the hardest part of advertising for you: that initial moment of interest from the consumer that gives your product or service the chance to impress.

Have Your Clients Been Successful With This Form of Advertising?

Take a look at our extensive case studies page and judge for yourself! Huge, multinational, corporations have used our services and left us some very positive and satisfied feedback but we’ve also attracted clients of all sizes. For small businesses, we’re an ideal way to get their name out there and establish initial brand awareness. Once the spark of interest has been kindled for them, they can consolidate that into a steady stream of regular customers. For big industry leaders, adopting such an innovative and unique marketing strategy can often help them to re-engage with their client base and remind people that they’re still very much around.

Not at all! Although our vehicles do act as excellent guerilla marketing platforms, they’re also a fantastic mode of transport for events. The latter is something that you can get really creative with. We recently had a top end cosmetics firm hire rickshaws in London to mark the opening of a new store for example. Our fleet of Rickshaws escorted potential customers from Oxford Street to the nearby store, both generating exposure for the brand and making their new location easily accessible to first time customers.

We’re open to a wide range of possibilities and scenarios involving our vehicles. In general, we do not allow our vehicles to be altered permanently, but if you do wish to have some bespoke design changes made to our rickshaws, London rickshaw or London Rickshaw may be able to accommodate your needs.

Unfortunately, we don’t rent rickshaws to the general public without a member of staff driving it. Our riders are all trained professionals who understand the dangers of London’s busy streets, and have the experience and expertise to keep our passengers, as well as our equipment, safe. If you’re looking for a London rickshaw or London Rickshaw hire service that is purely for personal reasons, Please note, that by personal use we mean with no members of our staff present. If you want to hire a rickshaw in London from us, it must be accompanied by one of our trained riders who will pilot the bicycle.

Any situations that endanger riders or passengers are obviously not part of our service, and difficult terrain such as rocky environments, deep mud etc, generally prove to be difficult. In general, our London rickshaw   hire is very flexible and creative, and we do our best to provide innovative solutions to even the most difficult of challenges.

The concept of Rickshaw media is a new and innovative one that’s setting the city alight. As one of the chief trail-blazers we’re used to plunging headfirst into the unknown and emerging with a successful idea that will dazzle the public, but for many it’s a bit confusing. What are London rickshaws, and why are they the perfect medium for new advertising? What advantages do they have over other forms of promotion? Are there proven cases of success using your methods? Fear not, all will be explained: we’ve compiled a handy Q&A section to help guide you through the essentials. If you still have any more queries after reading through this section, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by phone on 07795823767 , or by email at info@hirelondonrickshaws.co.uk

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