Guerrilla Advertising

Guerrilla Marketing With A London Rickshaws

It’s what known as Guerilla marketing. Often dubbed ‘non-traditional’, the idea behind this type of advertising is to get people’s attention, to get them talking about what it is you have to offer. In this era of social media, a photo or video can go viral within hours of being uploaded onto the internet. You just need a handful of people who pass it onto their friends, and you’ve got a chain reaction at a fraction of the cost. With so much opportunity in the city, it goes without saying that you have to be original with it. That’s where our Rickshaw advertising comes in.

When it comes to designing, creating and seeing through, a brand new campaign, originality is key. It’s not everyday you walk past a bench that looks like Kit Kat fingers, or a giant box of French fries (advertising the trouble of termites). Likewise, advertising on rickshaws isn’t exactly common place and it certainly draws people’s attention. You should always utilise the best resources you have at your disposal, and in this instance, it could well be the the custom-made pedicab advertising that we offer.

You don’t have to be a giant business with plenty of cash; in fact the best ideas often come from energy, time and imagination, rather than deep pockets. The innovative advertising that can be produced as a result of these experimental actions can be huge. When rickshaws advertising a new product whizz by in the streets of London, the public notices. That tired old print adverts that the company once had have been transformed by being transported to a new medium, one that shows your potential customers that you aren’t afraid to do something daring.

At London Rickshaw Media we strive to make your product stand out, fully getting behind the brand. Our portfolio of impressive clients, which includes Pizza Hut and Benefit cosmetics, is full of success stories. There are countless companies that have found us to be an incredibly innovative solution to one of marketing’s most pressing issues. We think outside the proverbial box, finding ways of getting your product or service to the public.


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