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At London Rickshaws, we have partnered up with sustainable printers to provide our clients with the best in eco-friendly advertising. Our pedicabs are powered purely by the efforts of our skilled riders, so we leave no CO2 emissions or nasty by-products behind when the day is done. Our advertisements themselves also follow this incredible high standard: our print provider only uses high quality, recycled paper or paper from sustainable suppliers and a non-toxic, completely biodegradable ink process.

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We Go the Extra Mile

If you have an idea you want to run past us, feel free to call us on 07970557917 or send us a brief description to info@hirelondonrickshaws.co.uk. We have collaborated on a range of projects that started with just a seed of an idea and grew into something quite remarkable. Whether you already have a vision mapped out or you’re just curious about the possibilities that this excellent form of marketing offers, we’re happy to lend you a hand.

Our Notable Successes

Our enviable portfolio of clients and the overwhelming positive feedback that we’ve received points to one thing: success. There’s more to us than the big promotions with Nokia and Pizza Hut however, we’ve also been praised for our excellence in smaller, custom services: such as weddings, cinema booth and PA sound system rickshaws. These innovative solutions were all incredibly well received and provided creative answers to tricky problems.

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