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Environmentally Friendly Advertising Media – Pedicab Advertising

With an ever-increasing demand to stand out from the crowd, it can be tempting to go to whatever lengths necessary to stand out. Yet remaining green and environmentally aware is a key factor for many businesses, because it generates such good-will from the public. Combining effective strategies with sound moral values is the way forward, and the brands that have recognised this are already reaping the benefits. Thankfully, our rickshaws provide some of the capital’s best eco friendly advertising material. Generating no harmful emissions, the rickshaws themselves are incredibly eco friendly, but it’s our particular care to other details that makes us a sound environmental option. The most notable of our many initiatives is our use of biodegradable papers and inks. With advertisements made entirely from  eco friendly materials, as well as from other recycled products, our environmental efforts make it easy for you to mount a large ad campaign with a tiny carbon footprint.

Providing a fresh method of promoting your company as well as being responsible to the world around us, we assist in boosting your brand credibility to millions of Londoners. Advertisements on rickshaws simply provide advantages that traditional media cannot. Just to name a few: they’re at eye-level and in constant motion. The compact yet transportable nature of our rickshaws means they can be spotted in almost any location throughout London. We go places billboards cannot!

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