Rickshaw Advertising

Advertising on Rickshaws in London

If you’re looking for the standard- a static billboard or a print advertisement- then you’re out of luck: here at London Rickshaws, we do things differently.

One of the prominent problems in modern day advertising is its ubiquity; you can barely open a webpage or a paper these days without seeing an ad. When they’re everywhere, the consumer simply stops paying attention, in fact they barely even note their existence. When you’ve invested considerable time and money into a marketing campaign, and polished every little detail to perfection, the last thing that you want is for your reader to skim your ad without a moment’s pause.

That’s why you need something different, something innovative, something creative. It has to reach out and grab the public’s attention, to make them look and wonder and stare. When advertisements on Rickshaws zip by a busy crowd in Oxford street, they do so in a buzz of colour and sound. They draw attention, they make the consumer intrigued. Once their attention is caught, your ad can use this brief window to dazzle them. It’s a simple partnership, but one that has proven to be highly effective for our wide range of clients.

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