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London Rickshaw Tours

We’re pleased to say that London rickshaw tours are becoming very much in demand. Maybe it’s the environmental factor: concern for the effect of our carbon footprint is on the rise and with absolutely no CO2 emissions, there has never been a greener way of getting around town. What better way to sample the city than embarking on one of the fabulous sightseeing rickshaw tours we offer?

Our fresh and exciting range of tours is incredibly diverse, with something to interest everyone. All of the expeditions include refreshment stops where there’s a discounted rate for drinks and snacks. Our tour rates are based on the specific tour and size of the party, with quotes stated per person. Call us today on 07970 557 917 to receive a detailed hire quote, tailored to your requirements.

These include:
The Top 10 – A classic sightseeing rickshaw tour
Gourmet Rickshaw Tour – Restaurant & Gastro Pub tours
Theatre Land Tour – West End’s Finest
Fright @ Night – The Jack the Ripper Rickshaw Tour
Romantic Rickshaw Day & Evening Tours
Rickshaw Treasure Hunt tour – TBA
Museum Rickshaw Tour – V&A, Tate Modern
Comedy Tour – Pub & Comedy Store
Market Tour – Borough Market & Spitalfields
Sherlock Holmes Tour

For more information about our London Rickshaws Tours or to suggest a tour you would like us to take you on.

Pedicab Tours in London

With so many amazing wonders to see in our busy metropolis, tourists are often spoilt for choice in terms of getting around town; riding the underground, bus trips or even hailing a cab. Some are seemingly selective, only allowing their use for people with deep pockets and excluding normal folks who don’t want to spend heavily just to get to an attraction. But seeing the haven that so many call home when you’re fully immersed in it is the only way to truly soak in the culture. If you’re new to the city, then there should be no better way than by booking your place on one of the bicycle tours around London. Whilst it’s the first point of call for commuters, taking the tube really limits you in terms of sightseeing; you should be up on street level, where the action is. Taking a taxi is not cost effective, and buses just seem to sit in traffic.

Booking A Rickshaw Tour

So what do you do? You get in touch with the premiere London bicycle tour company, that’s us, and you let us show you the sights. Having made our name offering a big London tour in rickshaws, the next logical step was to offer our clients the London bicycle tours so many of them crave. It’s something that gets you into the heart of the city – seeing as much as you can, without being forced into cramped corners on the underground. You see things you didn’t expect to see and wouldn’t have seen had you travelled to your destination underneath this metropolis.

Don’t think of it as a solo effort – we know how much those visiting the capital love to indulge in activities that the whole group can enjoy. And with us only asking that you know how to have fun and really relax, there is no reason anyone from your party should be excluded from one of the bicycle group tours. It can be a fantastic team-building exercise within any corporation, as well.

We are also a bicycle advertising company, so if you’re looking to get your brand’s message to the throngs of the city, call us now and we can start on a successful advertising campaign for you.

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